Phishing has become very popular and there is a new scam going around.

These new phishing emails usually start by telling you they have a “keylogger”or “malware” installed on your compute. They claim that they’ve hacked your computer to gain access to your messenger, Facebook and even email accounts. They even tell you there’s recordings of you!

This is followed by a demand to pay in 24 hours, the amounts range from $1000 to $40000 to a bitcoin address, of course.

This is a scam, nothing more.


Sometimes these emails are accompanied by a password you’ve used in the past or are currently using. If this is the case change it immediately! The scammers get these passwords from websites you’ve signed up for that have been hacked, or have had leaks.

This is a perfect example of why it is very important to not use the same password for every account you create.

If you need help setting up a password manager or simply to make sure your computer is safe a secure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.